Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Data Journalism Awards

If you are into data journalism, visualization, and data infographics you may want to take a look at the Data Journalism Awards. They are organized by the Global Editors Network, the European Journalism Center, and Google. I am happy to see that there are important organizations out there who are willing to invest money and energy in this emerging field.

The submission deadline is April 10th, so there's time. The description for the awards makes them very inviting:

The Data Journalism Awards (DJA) is the first international contest recognising outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide.
By recognising outstanding work and editorial excellence in the field of data journalism, the DJA seeks to:

• Contribute to setting high standards and highlighting the best practices in data journalism.
• Demonstrate the value of data journalism among editors and media executives.

They are giving 7,500 euros to the winner on each category, by the way. The ceremony will take place in Paris on May 31st this year.