Thursday, May 17, 2012

Karl Gude, on "The Functional Art"

Foto by Charles Apple

Some friends of mine have read parts of The Functional Art at the same time that I am finishing writing it. One of them is Karl Gude (don't miss his blog), who teaches at Michigan State, and who has been graphics director at several media organizations. Karl has written a very nice blurb for the back cover. I am sharing it with you because this means a lot to me, as I have been a fan of Karl's infographics work (and of his speaking skills!) for many years:

This book is long overdue. Whether you're just getting started visualizing information or have been doing it all your life, whether your topic is business, science, politics, sports or even your personal finances and whether you're looking for a basic understanding of visualization or a detailed how-to reference, this is the book you were looking for. Alberto Cairo, a professional journalist, information designer and artist, shows how to visualize anything in a simple, straightforward and intelligent way. 
Karl Gude, former infographics director at Newsweek
and Graphics Editor in Residence at the School of Journalism, Michigan State University.

Thanks so much, Karl.