Saturday, September 22, 2012

Graduate programs to learn infographics and data visualization

Many exciting things have happened in the past few months at UM's School of Communication where, as you know, I teach infographics and visualization. Some of them are still a secret, but others, like our new (or revamped) graduate programs, have been announced already. We offer two in which to learn information graphics, both static and interactive. The one to choose will depend on your career goals, your background, and your tastes.

If you lean toward a broad understanding of infographics and visualization in the context of multimedia communication, I would consider our MA in Journalism. It has several specializations. Among them, Multimedia Journalism, which includes video, audio, Web design, programming, and information graphics. You can apply online here.

If you're more inclined to the geeky side of things, here's our most recent program: the MFA in Interactive Media (the website has information already, although it's not finished). This terminal degree, put together mainly by professor Kim Grinfeder, consists of a mix of computer science, interaction and game design, data visualization, and 3D technologies. You can get an idea of the kind of courses we'll teach by visiting this page. In the faculty page you can see some the instructors participating in the program, and visit their websites and CVs. The MFA is already accepting applications, and will begin in the Fall 2013.