Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The dysfunctional art: Marco Bagni's "Getting Lost" video

Getting Lost from Marco Bagni - LostConversation on Vimeo.

Thanks to my friend Bernardo Gutiérrez, I heard about the video above, produced by motion graphics artist Marco Bagni, who's based in Berlin. The whole animation, published a while ago, is a very creative joke which mockingly uses the whole range of visual imagery in fancy data visualization Jorge Camões warns against today (circular plots with thousands of color bars! Meaningless bubbles! Network diagrams that nobody will ever unweave!) to convey a pretty simple message: "Getting lost is the only way to find your own path." The graphics in the video are not based on any real dataset. They mean nothing. Reading an interview with the author (in Spanish) between the lines, it seems that he tried to say that no matter how much you quantify stuff and try to control and predict the course of your life by different means (including visualization), it will always be a chaotic, colorful mess. I hope I got that right. You can see other Bagni's videos here.