Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New column, videos, international editions, presentations, MOOCs, and other news

Some news after an exhausting month:

• I have started writing a series of monthly articles about infographics and visualization for my publisher, Peachpit Press. The first one is out: 'Emotional Data Visualization: Periscopic's "U.S. Gun Deaths" and the Challenge of Uncertainty.' In the next one I will probably write about John Snow and the short movie that was made about him a while ago. I've already interviewed the director, Isaac Ergas.

• On April 24th I'll conduct a Webinar, also at Peachpit. You can register for free here.

• I am teaching a workshop with Naomi B. Robbins in New York City in June. Registration is open.

• During the summer I will finally launch the long video tutorial I've been working on for the past couple of months. It's titled Creating Maps, Charts, and Infographics With Adobe Illustrator. The package, around 12 hours of video, will help you learn almost everything I know about Illustrator.

• There will be several international editions of The Functional Art coming out eventually. The first one is the Italian one, which will be published in the first weeks of May this year. I will fly to Milan to talk about it. I got word that the book is been translated to at least three other languages at the moment.

• Several people have sent me e-mails asking if I am planning to teach a third Intro to Infographics and Visualization Massive Online Course (MOOC). The previous ones were very successful, so the answer is yes. I don't have dates yet, but it will be at some point after August.

• I will visit several countries in the next few months (Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland, New Zealand, Finland.) If you are in any of those places and want to stop by to say hello, I will love to meet you. 

• Finally, yes, there will be another book, a follow-up to The Functional Art. Publication date? Not sure yet. But I am working on it.