Saturday, October 26, 2013

Infographics with Adobe Illustrator

My infographics-with-Illustrator video course is already available on DVD. I have just received the author's complimentary copies. There are now several options to access this 12-hour tutorial:

◙ Getting the DVD.

◙ Buying a monthly subscription to Creative Edge, which is cheaper if you think that you'll just need a few weeks to complete the course. Here's the direct link to the tutorial; it includes a preview.

◙ Purchasing the online video, which will let you access the tutorial whenever you wish.

◙ For bulk purchases (libraries, educational institutions, companies) visit this link.

If you need to see more information, see this older post. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Download the exercise files here. Here's the table of contents:
  • LESSON 1: Introduction to Illustrator for Infographics
  • LESSON 2: Basic Illustrator Techniques
  • LESSON 3: Layout and Composition
  • LESSON 4: Graphs and Data Maps
  • LESSON 5: The Pen Tool
  • LESSON 6: Tracing Maps
  • LESSON 7: Explanatory Vector Illustrations
  • LESSON 8: Advanced Coloring Techniques
  • LESSON 9: Perspective Infographics