Sunday, January 5, 2014

Director of the visualization program at UM's Center for Computational Science

I've just been appointed as director of the visualization program at the University of Miami's Center for Computational Science. Here's my profile page. The CCS mission is to bring together academics and professionals, and "to achieve national prominence by providing outstanding education and research opportunities to our faculty, students, staff, and partners." I've been talking with the folks at the CCS for a while about certain initiatives we're planning at UM, and those conversations have now led us to something more solid.

Needless to say, I'm honored, but also a bit scared. After all, I'm not a scientist, but just a journalist who happens to be a designer, too. Now it's time to begin organizing activities. Perhaps a data visualization and infographics meetup, like the ones that already exist in NYC, Boston, DC, San Francisco, and other cities? That may be the first thing I'll try to put together. Perhaps a large conference or a series or workshops with top names in the field? I've been playing with that idea for quite a while. I'll keep you posted.