Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adding IDV Solutions' graphics blog to my RSS feed

Just before the end of 2013 I shared my entire RSS feed. Since then, I have been adding new blogs about visualization and infographics to it regularly, so the total has gone beyond the +/-200 that I mentioned in that post. The latest one that got into my personal collection is the UXBlog, by IDV Solutions. The stuff showcased in there is inspiring. This blog was already on my radar after it published some quite nice maps about natural catastrophes a while back.

One of the most interesting projects I've found in the UXBlog is Five years of traffic fatalities, which apparently was designed in Excel (!). Sure, the data would be more revealing if it were controlled for population, number of vehicles, miles of roads and highways, etc., but John Nelson, the author of the posts and the graphics, knows that already. Check it out.