Sunday, February 23, 2014

Graph TV: Data-driven visualization fun

I've spent the last thirty minutes playing with Graph TV, an interactive application that visualizes TV show ratings. It was designed by Kevin Wu (website), a software engineer at It's a joy to explore. See Game of Thrones above. The highest-rated episode by far is The Rains of Castamere (season 3, episode 9) for reasons that will be obvious to any fan. Please, if you have not watched it already, don't Google it up or you'll be very angry at me.

See how erratic Lost's ratings are:

The West Wing, a favorite of mine:

The Sopranos, which I also love:

And House of Cards, which I'm enjoying these days:


  1. Nice idea. Though simple linear trends are probably not the best choice to for TV show ratings over time. I'd love to see the graphs with LOESS curves instead.

  2. Interesting visualization, but with so few data the linear regression is almost useless. Moreover in some cases it could be misleading without the associated confidence intervals.

  3. Quite late, but this was my approach for visualizing the IMDB ratings of some series.