Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chicas Poderosas in Miami: Free interactive storytelling workshop

Chicas Poderosas"powerful" or "empowered girls," a popular workshop on interactive storytelling organized by Mariana Santos (ex-The Guardian; follow her on Twitter) is coming to Miami on April 17-20.

Registration for this hands-on workshop on tech, animation, and computer programming is completely free. And, yes, men can also participate. Space is limited, though, so I'd try to sign up as soon as possible if I were you.

Classes will be hosted at Univisión News headquarters (on April 17 and 18) and at our own School of Communication (on the 19 and 20.) Translation to English, Spanish, and Portuguese will be provided. The list of speakers looks great.

(If you are a student at the University of Miami and are planning to attend, please don't forget to thank Rebekah Monson for all the work she has put into making this happen.)