Saturday, April 26, 2014

Design a great infographic for class and win a prize

Besides my new t-shirts, I've been trying other strategies to motivate students lately. Giving prizes is one of them. We do three graded projects and several non-graded exercises in my infographics and visualization course. After students turn them in, I either ask them to vote for the one they like the most and talk about it, or I choose the best one myself.

As I don't wish to deplete my library, I bought several copies of Nigel Holmes' Wordless Diagrams —a gem— and of older Malofiej books. I also got a couple of copies of Cool Infographics from Randy Krum himself. I have a few P.R. majors in my courses, so this makes sense. Finally, I handed out a copy of the Korean edition of The Functional Art to a student who understands the language. Will students enjoy those books? I really hope so!