Friday, April 18, 2014

Infographics and visualization bookworm challenge

The European Journalism Centre has released interviews with all the instructors in the upcoming MOOC Doing Journalism With Data. It begins on May 19th, and I think that around 15,000 people have signed up already.

In the videos you'll see me sitting in front of the bookshelves in my office at the University of Miami. Here's a challenge: Take a look at the shelf in the upper-left corner of the frame (the one on my right.) There are around 30 visualization, infographics, and data books in it. How many of them can you identify? Write your guesses in the comments below. At the end of April I'll randomly choose one comment and send a signed copy of The Functional Art and a surprise gift to its author. Try to name as many as possible!

UPDATE: Answers are coming in already, so let's make the challenge more interesting. Let's try to identify books from all shelves visible in the frame.

(I'm shamelessly stealing this idea from Nathan. I don't have nearly as many readers as he does, so let's see what happens.)