Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Interview about infographics for advertising

Advertology asked me a while ago about the role that infographics can play in advertising and PR. The interview has just been published. It's in Russian, but Google Chrome and Google Translate do a good job at translating it to English. The main takeaway, I guess, is similar to what I said at Tapestry: I don't mind if an infographic or visualization is designed for a news publication, to sell a product, or to promote a company. It needs to be truthful, accurate, and precise, regardless.

(Side notes: I love the Cyrillic alphabet. It's beautiful. Mi name is written "Альберто Каиро" in it. Also, when the photograph was taken —more than two years ago, I think— I was wearing a UNC-Chapel Hill hoodie. Sorry about that, UM colleagues and students*)

*Go Tar Heels!