Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A chart depicting communication styles around the world

I've just found out that I'm not Spanish.

I'm either French, Israeli, or German —depending on what I had for breakfast.

That's according to Richard Lewis' tongue-in-cheek chart of Communication patterns during meetings, at least. Click here for a larger version.

I haven't read Lewis' When Cultures Collide yet, but I may do so soon. I found the description of the book fascinating, and I'm already wondering how we can use his chart as an inspiration to explore what we could call "the varieties of the infographics and visualization experience" (borrowing mode off):
"In When Cultures Collide, Richard D. Lewis provides a truly global and practical guide to working and communicating across cultures, explaining how our own culture and language affect the ways in which we organise our world, think, feel and respond, before going on to suggest both general and specific ways of making our influence felt across the cultural divide."
I'm also wondering how to visualize the communication styles of other countries that I'm familiar with, Peru, Chile, and Brazil, for instance. I suspect that Brazil's would mix the Italian, Spanish, and Hungarian styles.

h/t Ramón Salaverría