Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two new articles: Data journalism is about the journalism, not about the data — and why visualization matters

I guess that at this point you've all read the article about data journalism at the Harvard's Nieman Lab's website. I'd just want to recommend that you also see Zeynep Tufeczi's analysis of FiveThirtyEight's predictive models for the World Cup, Mark Berman's hilarious spoof ‘President Obama and the horse mask person: An investigation involving data and charts.’ Derik Harris' ‘Data journalism could use a jolt of data science,’ and this conversation and article about what J-schools could be teaching. Oh, and this collection of maps (h/t David Shiffman.)

The latest issue of the German magazine Message, which covers topics related to journalism and the news media, focuses on information graphics and visualization. I wrote a short piece for it, titled ‘Why Visualizing Information Matters.’

Finally, after the Nieman thing went live, something funny happened on Twitter between me, Aron Pilhofer, and Andrew Losowsky. I really do my best to avoid being grumpy (the article ends in a positive note!) —but I guess that it's all part of the linear model: