Thursday, September 18, 2014

Visualizing the fashion landscape

Quartz has just published a nifty scatter plot designed by Jenni Avins and David Yanofsky. Here's the description:
The fashion industry loves Instagram, especially during Fashion Month—the semi-annual series of Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, that we are smack in the middle of at present. Instagram is chicer than Facebook, more visual than Twitter, and more intimate than both, so it lends itself nicely to voyeurism. So who is the fashion industry following—and followed by—on Instagram? From the accounts everyone knows to "deep fashion" insiders, Quartz analyzed 1.8 million Instagram accounts to determine which fashion-related users are the most followed, inside the industry and out.
I love how the graphic looks, but what I like the most (as you may understand) is how it's annotated and narrated. If you click on the “next” button underneath the chart, you'll see some interesting highlights and explanations. I like to tell my students at the University of Miami that graphics and words are equally important when creating a visualization. This project is an example of that principle.

(Side note: Notice the logarithmic scale. The picky professor in me wants to ask for a button to switch back and forth between logarithmic and arithmetic scales. This is an interactive visualization after all.)