Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Charts and maps for Univisión

During the next seven days, a group of 13 intrepid students from UM's School of Communication and myself (a not-so-intrepid editor) are going to work as the infographics department of Univisión Noticias. Our students will produce small charts and maps about the midterm elections. We'll also work at Univisión's headquarters in Miami during the election night (Nov. 4.)

Most of the graphics will be published in Pol16, a new blog that Univisión has just launched. The blog is run by María Ramírez and Eduardo Súarez, two journalists who used to work for Spain's El Mundo. This is the first experiment of this kind that we make, and as we want to make sure that the graphics can be seen on mobile, I decided to stay in the safe zone and do just simple static charts and maps, instead of interactive ones. Next time, we will try some other options.

I prepared a little style sheet for my students, with some sample graphics. You can see it below. This will be fun.