Saturday, January 31, 2015

Infographics, visualization, and multimedia at Fusion

Yesterday my students and I had the first meeting of the semester with the interactive teams at Noticias UnivisiĆ³n and Fusion. The University of Miami has a partnership with those organizations, so we drop by once a month to learn about their work. We also collaborate on projects sometimes.

The Fusion folks showed us their new website, which collects several behind-the-scenes articles about the techniques and tools they employ in their infographics, visualizations, and multimedia documentaries. My personal favorites are ‘A Losing Battle’ and ‘The Bobblehead Effect.’ I love the 3D animation on that one.

The articles are an excellent resource for classes, as they give you a glimpse of how things really work in a newsroom. I'm planning to use them a lot, particularly with the graduate students coming next Fall for the data and visualization program. They'll be inspired, I believe, and realize that charts and maps are just a portion of a much larger picture.