Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday morning visualization fun

I'm very busy getting ready for classes and writing The Truthful Art, which I need to finish before December, as the publication date is still March 4th, 2016, but I am trying to make some time to enjoy visualizations and infographics. These are three that I found lately:

• Periscopic's Homicide Monitor.

• Accurat's work for the United Nations Human Development Report 2014 and for Audobon Society's 2013 Report (despite the radar charts.)

None of those is breaking news, of course, but as Periscopic and Accurat are prominently featured in my new book, I try to visit their websites from time to time, always finding something worth exploring. That's time well invested.

Also, Visualoop has been redesigned. It now includes a large infographics and visualization gallery. The bad news is that the articles and interviews sections aren't at the forefront anymore, but this website is still the best place to go when you feel short of inspiration.


  1. the data displayed in the left panel are incosistent with the labels when you click on countries. Also, the labels for each country change according to the previous country selected (for instance try to click repeatedly on the same country after clicking on different countries).

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