Sunday, August 23, 2015

New articles and tutorials

As usual, I cannot write a long post —yes, that new book, you know that I have a deadline to meet— so here you have some recent news:

• An article about interaction in visualization: “When Telling Data-Driven Stories, Let Readers Ask Questions, Too.”

• An article about how careful we journalists need to be when dealing with data: “‘Indignant Minnesotans’ remind journalists that data can hurt.

• Visualization/infographics classes at UM (read about our programs) begin on Tuesday, so I've been putting together materials for my students. Perhaps some may be useful for readers of this website, so here they are:
1. My personal list of free R tutorials, coming from multiple sources: See it in DropBox. I update this on a regular basis. 
2. A series of short and informal videos I've recorded about iNZight, a marvelous tool to design quick charts and explore data. Download them here
2. Another series of videos about Yeeron, which is built onto ggplot2, and it's as easy to use as iNZight, besides working on the browser. Download them here.