Sunday, May 15, 2016

Magnificent print visualizations

Yeah, I know that mobile-first is the way to go nowadays (I'm planning to make my classes mobile-first starting next semester, after all,) but I believe that, by avoiding print publications, too many people are unaware of how impressive large static graphics can be.

Take the one below. I just saw it in The New York Times during breakfast this morning. It's splendid, isn't it? Its online counterpart accomplishes the same goals: showing change in time, how far records stand in comparison to the other 50 fastest times each year, how long each world record remained unsurpassed, etc. But the digital version, if seen on a screen smaller than 21'', pales in comparison to the print one in one crucial aspect: Magnificence.

(This post is just a platitude from an old man yelling at clouds, of course. See: 1, 2)

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