Wednesday, March 15, 2017

An update on the Trumpery lecture series

After I announced my Trumpery lecture tour, I received requests from more than 30 cities. I've been organizing my schedule this week; below you can see a screenshot of the Excel spreadsheet I'm using. Some cities and dates are already confirmed.

As mentioned in the original first post, the talks will be free and open to anyone. I'll provide more information about how to sign up as soon as I can.

A few other updates:

• I've decided to drop the word “visual” from the title. I'll certainly talk about bad graphics, but they won't be the only focus. The current working title is Trumpery: How to fight against fake data, fake facts, and fake visualizations —from the left and from the right. The subtitle may change a bit. I'm still debating it.

• There'll be a dedicated website for the tour,

• I'll try not to mention any politician by name in the talk, which will be, as the subtitle indicates, bipartisan. However, the left-right split in the examples won't be 50-50. Nowadays a disproportionate amount of data bullshit comes from the far right.

• Trumpery may be the title of a book, too.

More news coming soon.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing you next week at the NTEN Conference!