Friday, June 23, 2017

New tutorials and resources section

I've completely revamped the Tutorials & Resources section of this website. Check it out. Here are the main changes:

1. I've added Maarten Lambrechts's wonderful Data Cleaning With Excel tutorial to the list, besides a couple of short videos about pivot tables.

2. I've recorded a brand new tutorial about INZight, an easy to use but powerful free tool for data exploration through visualization.

3. The order of the Illustrator tutorials has changed a bit.

Next time I have some time —crossing my fingers— I'll try to do a tutorial about time-series analysis with INZight, and also grab a few free tutorials about Tableau and PowerBI.

These are all videos that I use in my classes at the University of Miami, in the Journalism and the Interactive Media programs. The textbooks of my courses are both The Functional Art and The Truthful Art, besides a long series of articles.

Here are some screenshots from the INZight tutorials: