Saturday, September 2, 2017

Improving Kid Rock's map t-shirt

A couple of days ago, on Thursday, I gave the first Visual Trumpery talk in the United States. The public in Atlanta was wonderful, and the comments during and after the lecture were very inspiring.

People seemed to have fun with the discussion about when to use state-level maps, county maps, or cartograms to show results of presidential elections. The most celebrated moment was the constructive critique of a t-shirt sold by Kid Rock. My suggestion was to use a county map, as the borders between the U.S. and Dumbfuckistan aren't accurately depicted at the state level. You can see the slide below.

(Read more about the Visual Trumpery tour here. Go beyond the talk title, and read its description, as the title is intended to trick you. If you want to sponsor a talk —I won't charge salary,— here's how.)