Monday, September 24, 2018

New tool: Morph for abstract data art

We're launching a new tool today. After Flourish —for news interactive data visualization; see a tutorial,— Tilegrams —for cartograms— and some others, Morph goes in a different direction: it generates abstract images based on data.

Designed by Datavized in collaboration with Google, Morph lets you design traditional charts and graphs, and then randomize transformations through an evolutionary algorithm. I've recorded a short tutorial highlighting Morph's main features, and you can also read about it in the official press release, in this making-of article, and in this post by Google's Simon Rogers.

Morph's documentation and code are available on GitHub. Play with it, send your best work, and if you have suggestions for additions or improvements, let Datavized know.

(See all our previous projects and read more about our collaboration.)