Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Migration flows in the European Union

Roxana Torre (portfolio) maps migration flows within countries that belong to the European Union. Data comes from the European Commission's Annual Report on Intra-EU Labour Mobility. Spend some time exploring it.

This kind of flow chart is hard to get right, but I think that Torre's thoughtful decision of combining colors and subtle looping animations succeeds at making the graphic clear and enjoyable on a computer or tablet screen —mobile is a different story; you need to zoom in to see what's going on or select countries, and the hover function isn't available.

To overcome this last challenge I wonder whether it'd be good to add a complementary table showing, say, the top 3-5 destinations and the 3-5 origins of migrants when selecting a country. Something like the graphic below (the table would be displayed underneath the map on the mobile version).

(Update: Anita Graser suggests that total counts may not be the entire story. I agree; adding relative values —migration rates per 1,000 people or %— to the table is worth considering. They can be seen already in each country's tooltip.)