Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Getting ready for a new data and visualization MOOC

On Monday I visited the Knight Center in Austin, Texas, to record videos for a new free MOOC (“massive open online course”). Simon Rogers and I hinted that we're working on it in this article for the Data Visualization Society. The MOOC, which will be announced soon, is titled ‘Data Journalism and Visualization with Free Tools’ (DJVFT).

I've done plenty of free online training—see the materials I prepared the latest one,— but the upcoming MOOC is different, and far more ambitious. First, just one of its six modules covers visualization, with an entire section about How Charts Lie; the other five modules talk about how to get data, clean it and prepare it, explore it, use Machine Learning, and build narratives based on numbers. Second, the course will be offered in three languages simultaneously: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The third difference is the instructors. I did most of the previous trainings alone or in collaboration with just one person (Scott Murray, Heather Krause) We'll have many instructors in DJVFT: myself, Simon Rogers, The Pudding's Jan Diehm, Google's Dale Markowitz, Minhaz KaziMarco Túlio Pires, and Juan Manuel Lucero, Datavized's Debra Anderson, and the team at Kiln, the creators of Flourish.

There isn't a launch date yet, but the MOOC will happen before the end of this year, so keep an eye on this website or Twitter.