Tuesday, November 12, 2019

'How Charts Lie': a few corrections to the first print edition

If you read the first print edition of How Charts Lie you may notice a few printing and layout errors. These should have been corrected in the e-book and the audiobook already. If you detect anything that looks strange other than these, please let me know.

Here they are:

On page 24 the transparency effects that should emphasize or hide parts of the charts disappeared between the galleys and the final printing. Here's how that graphic should look like:

On page 45 the line corresponding to the United States didn't show when printed. Here's the real graphic:

There's a minor issue with the gradient on the second bar of the chart on page 142: it doesn't fade to white for some reason. It should look like this:

A chart on page 116 is slightly misplaced.

On page 44, where it says “people became richer or poorer” or “people in those countries contaminated more or less,” I think I'll add “on average” just in case, as these are per capita numbers. On page 92 there's a needless “is” in a sentence that should read “Unless a crime is premeditated...”

The last label on the Y-scale of the chart on page 172 should read “600” instead of “490”. Like this: