Monday, October 28, 2019

Student infographics and data visualizations

Our Interactive Media program's website is updating its student projects section soon; there's plenty of great work in it already, but we'll soon add many more infographics and data visualizations. The section currently looks like this (notice data visualization as one area of specialization on the upper-right corner):

Today I'm presenting to students and faculty at Mount Holyoke College, and one of my goals is to remind everyone that designing information graphics isn't magic; anyone can learn. I'll do that by mentioning our students' weblogs, and by including examples of their work in my slide deck; these graphics will soon be added to our program's website. Some of these students will graduate soon, so contact me if you're looking into hiring someone.

Deb Pang Davis came to the University of Miami with a background in editorial design and photography, but no experience whatsoever in data visualization; one month and a half into my introduction to infographics class she was able to design pieces like these, which were longlisted in this year's Information is Beautiful Awards:

Alyssa Fowers has a background in statistics and also a keen eye for design; her piece about her long-distance relationship also ended up in the Information is Beautiful Awards longlist:

Besides static infographics, interactive data visualization (d3.js and the like,) and mapping, we also teach 3D design; here's work by MarĂ­a del Carmen Aguilar and Yutong Han: