Monday, October 21, 2019

The Gates Foundation's inequality report is a visualization feast

The Gates Foundation's 2019 Goalkeepers Report is titled Examining Inequality, and it exemplifies how to combine different languages within a single narrative piece. My favorite visuals in the report are the conceptual hand-drawn diagrams; these ones reveal the factors that may hinder a person's progress, such as gender, geography, etc.:

The report also contains orthodox visualizations. The designers at Graphicacy used scrollytelling in the middle section to zoom from a world map down to a specific region in Chad, and then to an individual girl: “Each time we zoom, we see yet another layer of disadvantage. These disadvantages don’t need to pile up on top of one another to make life hard—but when they do, as for the marginalized girl in Chad, the effect is brutal.”

There are several interactive scatter plots in this section. Notice that the Y-axis is often flipped in them: 0% on top and 100% at the bottom. There's a reason for this, as 0% means “better”—no child mortality—and 100% means “worse”, and therefore it's at the bottom. Pay attention also to the carefully written annotations:

The report can be downloaded in multiple languages as a PDF; I recommend that you take a look at it, as it contains many more graphics:

All data behind these figures is available here.