Friday, November 15, 2019

Visualization stuff I've seen recently

I guess I should launch a newsletter soon, as I'm seeing plenty of interesting visualizations and visualization-related articles lately—more than usual,—and it's difficult to keep up. Here are a few:

• I'll be on C-Span 2's BookTV on Sunday at 3:30PM EST to talk about How Charts Lie. The program will be available online right after, I believe.

• Kaiser Fung redesigns a chart that was discussed recently in social media.

Betsy Mason explains why scientists should get better at visualization. Her article is a good introduction to some elementary principles. She even has a section about why rainbow color schemes are evil.

Jon Peltier writes about maps (maps!) in Excel.

Nathan Yau talks about a Javascript library that lets you design XKCD-like visualizations.

• Randall Munroe, the creator of XKCD, is in the DataStories podcast, and has many thoughts about science communication.

• Cole Nussbaumer's Storytelling With Data website has a new look.

• There's a new episode of EagerEyesTV, Robert Kosara's video series; it explains data formats.

• Matteo Moretti explains how visualizations can be embedded into larger “informative experiences” through a couple of projects he designed.