Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Interview in The effective statistician

As a journalist and a designer who writes for other journalists and designers, I'm always puzzled—and also flattered and a bit terrified—when I get invited to conferences or podcasts run by statisticians, data scientists, of information library science types, but here we are. A couple of weeks ago I had a nice conversation with Alexander Schacht, a mathematician and biostatistician at UCB, who has a podcast called The Effective Statistician.

We talked about charts, the coronavirus, the importance of design for scientists and researchers, and the importance of science for designers. I mentioned tools I love, such as DataWrapper, Flourish, iNZight, books such as Steve Few's Show Me the Numbers, Cole's Storytelling With Data, Tufte's, Tukey's, Cleveland's, and Michael Friendly's work (1, 2, and his upcoming book,) on the history of visualization. I hope you'll enjoy it.