Monday, April 27, 2020

Latest project: Search waves during a pandemic

The latest project I've art-directed has just been launched. It's titled Searching COVID-19 and it was produced by Schema Design in collaboration with the Google News Initiative and Axios, which has published its own version.

The visualization consists of a dynamic beeswarm plot in which each bubble represents a query reaching the top searches in a U.S. state (states may appear more than once in the plot.) Bubbles ungroup little by little to reveal the patterns mentioned in the project's opening copy; for instance, in the early stages of a pandemic people often look for information about the disease itself—“what is” searches,—and later we clearly see an increase in searches for how to prepare for the disease or for its consequences—“how to” searches.

You can find many previous projects here, and this is a 2017 article about the collaboration.