Monday, November 6, 2023

'The Art of Insight' has arrived

I've just received my advance copies of The Art of Insight and I'm happy to report that it looks quite nice thanks to the good folks at Wiley. (Publication date is November 15th; if you pre-ordered it, you might need to wait a bit longer to get it.)

Never in my career I've missed so many deadlines. This book sees the light of day more than two years late thanks to the endless patience of my agent and editors.

Touching and browsing through The Art of Insight feels like the end of a journey. While writing it I thought that this would be my last word about visualization and infographics; I've said a lot —perhaps too much— about our trade already, and I've often wondered whether it's time to shut my mouth and instead help raise younger, fresher, and wiser voices —as a book editor, for instance, a job that I greatly enjoy.

(In his enthusiastic review of The Art of Insight, Frank Elavsky wrote that I'm “a caretaker of the lost.” That's the highest praise I've ever received, I believe. Indeed, if you feel lost, I'm here to help —but please send me your book pitch, too!)

What comes next? On the one hand, I wish to write about topics that have nothing to do with graphics. On the other, at the end of The Art of Insight I hint that there's a new idea sloshing and slowly taking shape inside my skull, so who knows; time with tell.