Instructor's guide

A class project by my UM student Morgan Visalli

When I was writing The Functional Art, my editor asked me for an article in which I explained how I organize and teach my own classes. The article is available for free already. You can download it here. It's a .zip file containing a Word document —the Instructor's Guide itself— and several images. Also, read my latest syllabus.

The contents of the guide are similar to the ones I use in my own classes at the University of Miami's School of Communication:

• An intro, explaining that my courses are mainly about thinking, structuring, and planning, although we do plenty of exercises.
• A sample syllabus (grading policies, lesson plans, etc.)
• A week-by-week schedule, outlining the main topics covered in each session, software issues, etc.
• Details about the kinds of projects my students create, and several examples of them (those are the image files).

I hope you'll like it.


  1. The "guide" link doesn't work. Can you please fix it, or direct me to a working one? Thanks!

    ~@GraceRodriguez (on behalf of @VISUALIZED

  2. It's working now. Thanks so much, Grace

  3. Are there any slides to accompany the book? Teaching this topic without visual aid is difficult.

  4. Both the book and its DVD have plenty of images. Many of them can be easily found online

  5. Thank you so much for this information. Your book is one of the best books in functional design and info-graphics, very useful for my practice.