Sunday, April 29, 2012

When print graphics beat interactives

Some of my students at the University of Miami's School of Communication think it's amusing that I still get The New York Times (print) every day. After all, I am supposed to be one of the guys who, back in the end of the 20th Century, started doing news animated and interactive graphics for the Web, at El Mundo, in Spain. I certainly was, and I don't deny the power of digital technologies, but there are certain things that look better —and are much more effective— when printed on a big piece of paper.

Take the chart below, comparing Apple's income with the amount the company pays in taxes worldwide. Its online version doesn't look nearly as impressive. I shot this picture just a minute ago, right after the paper hit my front door. I felt shocked by the outrageous disparity between one value and the other. That's what journalism should be about, shouldn't it? It grabs you by the neck, punches you hard on the nose, and forces you to read a relevant investigative story.