Monday, February 3, 2014

Interview about visualization and infographics in Domus magazine

Last year I went to Milan to present the Italian edition of The Functional Art. I gave several talks and was interviewed by the local Wired, Corriere de la Sera, and Domus, the famous magazine about architecture, art, and design. This latest interview has just been translated to English.

Some minor things have been lost in translation, I believe, but I'm the one to blame for not being clearer. For instance, many visualization techniques (thematic cartography and graphs) were developed between the 17th and 19th centuries. Also, it seems that I said that "I don’t produce the illustrations myself, nor do I do the programming" for my infographics, which is inaccurate. It's true that when I was a manager in newsrooms I used to focus on research, planning, and sketching, but I also did plenty of design, illustrations, 3D, and even code. A good example is the piece about giant telescopes showcased in the interview.

Finally, when answering the last question I think that I gave specific examples of great Italian infographics and visualization projects, such as Giorgia Luppi's Accurat, and Paolo Ciuccarelli's Density Design lab. If I didn't, I should have!