Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Truthful Art is finished: What comes next?

That's it. The Truthful Art is finished. It'll be out in early March. If you are thinking about buying it, perhaps you may want to pre-order it (Barnes&Noble, Amazon.) I've read that the number of purchases before a book is launched affects its future performance, so I am asking for your help!

The day after I submitted the manuscript I started working on new projects:

• A revamping of this blog, which I will launch a month from now or so. I will also try to blog more regularly. I really miss it.

• My PhD dissertation, which I am going to title Nerd Journalism: News Graphics and the Rise of the Journalist-Engineer. This will become a book in early 2017, and will have a companion website in which I'll upload all interviews my student assistants and I are going conduct this year.

• A formal launch of my consulting firm. I already do consulting, speaking, and freelancing for several companies (see here and here, for instance), but I have never promoted myself openly as a consultant. I will probably create a separate website for the firm, which will also be announced here.

• The Insightful Art, the third in the trilogy of books that began with The Functional Art. My goal is to have it published by 2019.

Below you can read the complete list of blurbs in The Truthful Art. They come from people I've followed for many years: Jeff Jarvis, Richard Saul Wurman, Michael E. Mann, Isabel Meirelles, Nigel Holmes, Fernanda ViƩgas, Martin Wattenberg, and John Grimwade.