Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Visualizing purpling Texas

The Texas Tribune has just published a nice scrollytelling data story about how electorally competitive Texas is really becoming. Here's what they did:
We looked beyond who currently represents each congressional or legislative district and created our own Heat Index — a measure of whether each district generally favors Democrats or Republicans in statewide elections. Statewide elections are those from president down to the top courts in Texas — races decided by all Texas voters, and not just some of them.
Judging by the multiple visualizations, it seems that many districts are still “cold” —won by more than 25 percentage points, and therefore safe for whoever holds their seats,— but an increasing number are becoming warmer —won by margins lower than 10 percentage points. If you live in Texas, at the bottom of the story you can input your own address and find your district. I'd like to see something similar being done about Florida (paging Caitlin Ostroff.)