Friday, June 5, 2020

Psychopathic charts, lines that should be bars, and picking cherries

I was hoping to withdraw from the world during the Summer and devote time to activities that require deep concentration—reading, writing, designing, and also this,—but it seems that the run-up to the November election will bring a deluge of bad charts. I should have known better; How Charts Lie may need a sequel soon.

The following are just from today:

This is a truly psychopathic chart (UPDATE: Fox News has apologized):

Next, here's one of the best examples of a grossly misleading chart that, at the same time, isn't technically incorrect (this is the author):

The chart only looks like a V-shape because the data is encoded as a line, when a bar graph would've been more appropriate. The impression it creates is entirely different (source):

Finally, the President, always a reliable source of examples of convenient data cherry-picking, entertains us with this beauty (and it turns out that there is a huge glitch in the data):

Jon Schwabish has some things to say about it: