Saturday, November 11, 2023

Something I've just sent to a reporter

Some lines that I've just sent to a reporter:

The Art of Insight is my most personal book to date, a tribute to the people who design infographics and data visualizations to make the world a more knowledgeable and beautiful place.

After writing books about visualization from a more technical perspective (The Truthful Art) or to inform the general public about how we often misinterpret charts (How Charts Lie) I felt that I needed to do a book for myself that would rekindle my passion for the craft that I've dedicated my life to.

Writing The Art of Insight has been therapeutic and healing. I wish that it'll help newcomers feel as enthusiastic as I am about graphics when they learn about the lives of others who've worked in this field for years.

(In other words, if you design visualizations, The Art of Insight is my tribute to you.)