Friday, October 19, 2018

Building Hopes: design your own virtual statues

Yesterday we launched a new project, Building Hopes. The application, designed by Accurat, has a desktop version, and also iPhone and Android ones that have some extra capabilities, such as augmented reality —we wanted to experiment with it a bit.

Building Hopes consists of designing virtual statues based on things you feel hopeful for. At the beginning you'll be given several choices and, through a slider, you can indicate your level of hopefulness for them. After that, you can name your statues and place them in the real world. If you use the smart phone applications, you can also see them over your surroundings (see images and animation below.) You can also click on the pebbles of your own statue or of statues designed by other people near you to get more detail, such as Google search interest for those terms.

To learn more about this playful, experimental project read the press release, Accurat's article, and Simon Rogers's post.